Interesting approach. Honestly, as consistent but more impressively constant I’ve had to become.. I was actually expecting a quite large settlement check. The murders that have taken place first hand experience on Twitter, its impact on civilization is arguably the most corrupt moral conduct and lack of American values in the history of this country?

What have you been looking for?

Historically, and literally in the present you seem to have a guilty conscious. There are a lot of correlations as you know, and it’s interesting. At what point does one have to go? For example, “if” I owned a company that had been liable for hundreds or closer to thousands of deaths, I would close the business. Do what’s right. Are words equal to bullets? Are your actions equal to the impact of a mass murderer? Do you care about people and their freedoms? Imagine reaching a point of this conversation – sitting on a four wheeler in a corn field. The world is waiting for change and I’d like to pursue other dreams [past tense].

99.9% Yes

Let’s roll back the tape, I’m not a legal warrior or one to intentionally cause harm. However, the harm that has been endured isn’t comprehensible. Artificial Intelligence, Tech, and the internet specifically Twitter has altered minds and lives. It’s knowing and experiencing how much it costs to be free that must be held to account. The obsession of currency has made it actually made it all quite worthless, however, I don’t exist and do not profit. After my experiment long ago, so many of us gunned down, I grew curious. It’s soft real estate but it is hard. Price of my time is only going up, Times Expensive. It’s radical how fucked up Twitter is, how it’s legal, and the governments involvement is shameful and I would have paid me to fix the problem long ago. It’s a little late.

.01% Not likely

Tech is a differnt racket – there are layers I don’t fully understand. I lack education entirely and imagine it’s fair to say the least educated person, especially based on my/our situation or common destination per se. Faith in any & all fabrics of life were of great concern, however my curiosity to “learn” led me on a journey I prefer to move forward from. It’s less about the past, or profit, yet it’s radical to experience and I doubt pride or egos would possibly allow the truth. If so, there would be a .01% chance of my survival and 99% chance of yours. You know where to find me. 👄